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Mold In AC Unit

You've received a contact message from your Contact Form on your ActiveRain mold blog

Subject: Mold Help (Sent via Activerain)

Mr. Watters, I am a man with multiple disabilities living in NYC in a
building where we are treated awfully. I found your blog regarding mold. I know
I have mold because I'm so allergic that my sinuses burn for days. So far I am
being treated like a freak. Could you please look at these pictures and tell me
if this is obviously mold or not?

That looks very much like AC unit mold to me, I very often see such white
irregular patches and round spots on the bottom side of black plastic and black
foam materials on the bottom side of  condensation
pans inside AC units.

The black spots on the white metal AC registers looks like possible
Cladosporium mold.

The material in the condensation pan may be mold, bacteria, and mineral deposits.

Mold in AC units is often the result of excess humidity being pulled
into the AC.

Molf in Ac units often is often found in association with sinus problems
and allergy.

You should have a local certified and if applicable licensed mold
inspector conduct testing that includes air samples and surface samples of the
actual material in the AC unit.

Have them give you a report that includes a protocol if they confirm
actual mold.

Very qualified firms who specialize in cleaning moldy AC units can sometimes
do the job correctly, other often do not do the cleaning correctly.

Inspector and mold remediators can be found at iaqa.org and ACAC.org