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Good Indoor Air Quality




At A Accredited Inspection Services, Inc. we provide certified mold inspections and indoor air quality testing in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Doral, Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale Fl and all of Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward Counties. If you feel that conditions out of your control have changed you Good indoor air quality into poor indoor air quality we can help provide answers.
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Iindoor air quality is obviously very important. The average person takes about 1000 breaths per hour--that's 8000 breaths taken during 8 hours in a home or office! However, indoor air quality is all too often taken for granted. 


 When a few building occupants complain of chemical odors, mold odors, or heath problems that appear to be related to time spent indoors, it is often dismissed as nothing to worry about. This is normal human nature; after all a few people will always fall ill in any group.  


But when multiple employees start complaining about the same types of health problems or unusual chemical odors, and worker productivity drops, poor indoor air quality must become a serious priority and the mystery must be addressed by professional consultants who are trained, certified, and experienced in investigating indoor air pollution sources such as chemicals, fumes, gases, odors, respirable particles, mold, bacteria, bio-allergens, and other indoor air quality issues.


At A Accredited Inspection Service, Inc., we aid you in resolving many of the above referenced conditions so you and your staff can get back to work, or so you and your family can get back to living comfortably in your own home.  We have the air quality testing and sampling tools and certified inspectors and experienced staff needed to help put the pieces of the puzzle back back together in regurd to indoor air quality in Ft lauderdale Miami and all of south East Florida.  



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