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As a mold inspector, I meet many people who are ill because of mold growth in the home or office. Such persons are often very concerned about the potential effects of toxic black mold exposure. Anyone who is concerned about the health effects of such exposures should consult with a medical doctor and obtain a referral to a doctor who deals with allergy and immunology. In addition people who are ill are naturally curious and seen out information on their condition.



The internet is a great source of information on virtually everything. However, the internet is just as open to anyone who wants to post both good quality and poor quality information as it is to anyone who wants to find information. The internet has more than its fair share of unreliable information. If you do not believe me, try reading blog posts to find information on any subject of your choice. It will not be long before you realize that for every answer that seems good you will find more answers that appear to be way off target. Many statements claiming to be answers to people's questions are purely opinions without any basis in the common sense. To make things worse, the author of a post on a thread of answers or even on a website often gives you no idea of the poster's personal experience or field of knowledge, so be careful when looking for mold information. Do not believe it because it is in black and white and written by someone who claims to have answers.



Often when we read a book we have the author's name, biography, resources and references and a publisher who had enough confidence in that author to publish his or her writings.



By contrast, on the internet what you read may be from a self-proclaimed expert who does not even give a real name, has a cartoon image of themselves serving as that persons avatar on the blog post.  And that person may have an ulterior motive for posting that comment. Trust me when I say that much of the information on the internet is posted for several different motives that have nothing to do with increasing your knowledge on a subject.  



If you want to learn about anything including mold by reading the internet, remember what your teacher taught you about doing research.



Ask yourself:



Do I have any idea who wrote these so-called facts on the internet? Is the author non-biased or does he have some motivation to sway my opinion?  

Is the information taken out of context?



Are there any links to reliable information resources where I can confirm the validity of the mold information I just read?



 About the Author: Daryl Watters started conducting home inspections in 1993 and mold inspection in 2003. Prior to preforming inspections for homeowners he was a health inspector with the State of Florida Department of Health for three years. He has a degree in Education for Teaching Biology and General Science and is a State Licensed Mold Assessor and a Certified Indoor Environmentalist.    

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