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Do you suspect mold problems, allergens, or chemicals to be causing problems with your indoor air quality and health? Give us a call we may be able to provide a holistic approach, not just blindly testing for mold, but testing and inspecting for mold as well as inspecting for a wide range of other possible issues.  


When prospective clients call us with allergy symptoms that appear to be related to time spent indoors, they almost always request an inspection and testing for mold. However, mold is not the only cause of indoor air quality problems that result in allergy and other health complaints.


Beside just mold, dogs, cats, pet rodents, feeder insects for pet reptiles, roaches in your walls, rats in your attic, mice, dust mites, bacteria, ozone from ozone machines, and of course chemicals can trigger either respiratory irritation, rashes, asthma, allergy, or similar conditions.


It is true that a mold inspection is what most clients insist on, and it is true that mold is the most common cause of air quality problems on our investigations.


Because of these reasons we will typically conduct a mold inspection, and test for mold, but on such investigations we typically keep our eyes open for the above types of additional sources of health problems and do not wear narrow blinders that cause us to focus on mold only. We are capable of conducting an investigation for not just mold, but for what is causing problems in your air.


Of course we cannot inspect and test for every conceivable problematic condition on each inspection without incurring large expenses for you. So we will start with an interview to help determine what tests will be needed prior to scheduling the inspection.


It is not unusual for us to find large amounts of either rat or roach droppings in an attic when the occupants below are suffering from upper respiratory problems that appear to be related to time spent in the home. In fact it is quite common for a person to complain of pest odor, urin odor, or attic odor, in combination with allergy only to find out during the inspection that the source of the problem is not mold but is rodents in the attic.

On rare occasions we find similar problems that appear to be prompted by massive amounts of silverfish droppings in the attic.

It is very important for your mold inspector, or indoor air quality consultant, to know how to find and identify roach and rodent droppings, and evidence of silverfish infestation. Years of experience have taught us here that it is far more reliable to rely on a detailed inspection to identify potential allergen sources than to run often unreliable and expensive tests for such contaminates.


Most people do not know that even trapped hidden mold in the absence of elevated spore levels can cause health problems. Even in the absence of visible mold growth, (such as when mold is trapped in your walls and cannot escape) mold odors can escape and cause asthma and allergy or allergy like symptoms.We have the ability to test for mold odors to the parts per billion using thermal desorption tubes. We can also test for mold spores in your wall using inner wall sampling tubes. I cannot stree enough that we do not run countless test for every chemical and allergen that could possible be a problem, and in the same way do not test inside all your walls for mold. doing so would cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars. Often the best test is done with a trained inspectors nose. 


According to the book What’s in the Air by Gillian Shepherd, M.D., and Marian

Betancourt, some allergy symptoms include:
Runny nose 

Postnasal drip
Mouth breathing 


Water and red eyes

Dry nose
oss of sense of smell
Itchiness in your
nose, eyes, throat, and ears



If you have allergy symptoms that appear to be triggered when indoors, we may be able to provide the inspection, consultation, and testing services you need to help resolve the issue so you can breathe easy once again.    

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, we do not perform every test available. Prior to the inspection, a phone consultation is required to help us agree on what tests will be conducted and for what fee.    


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