While many mold inspectors focus on mold only, we at A Accredited Inspection Services, Inc.
can dig much deeper when the need arises.


Man Made Sources
The abundance of man made materials such as furniture, cabinets, carpets, paints, glues, solvents, pesticides, cleaning products, and fumes from combustion devices and some appliances can all contribute to poor indoor air quality. Even air purifying devices can contribute to an unhealthy yet un-seen stew of man made indoor pollutants that we constantly breathe in. 



 Natural Sources
To many people, the even more frightening scenario is not the presence of man made pollutants, but the possibility of uninvited living organisms multiplying and releasing odors, allergens, infectious agents, and even toxins in our homes or inside our walls. In rare cases even infection can result from such biological invaders. A partial list of such natural living indoor pollution sources includes:

If paid for and requested we are able to investigate and test for a wide variety of potential problem conditions. The cost to perform every air quality test at our disposal and to investigate every potential problem would obviously be cost-prohibitive, wasteful, and overwhelming. Based upon interview information gleaned from you, our client, we can streamline an investigation specifically tailored to your specific needs.   

Roaches in our walls.

Rats in our attics.

Mice in our basements.

Bats and Pegions in attics.

Dust mites in beds and pillows.

Bacteria in humidifiers and cooling towers.

And last but not least mold in walls, under wall paper and in AC systems.

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