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Concern over mold growth and other IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) problems are an ever-increasing concern among people everywhere. Starting with Melinda Ballard's famous lawsuit against Farmers Insurance in the late 90's people have gained a greater awareness of toxic black mold and other air quality problems.

Now two new and truly revolutionary scientific methods exist that aid in helping investigators resolve mysterious indoor air quality and mold issues. 


According to Daryl Watters of A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc., “A few years ago people with allergies or asthma would assume that they were suffering from unavoidable hay fever or outdoor allergies, the idea that a true solution could be found was not considered."

In recent years with flooding in the Midwest, hurricanes in the South East, media reports of toxic mold, famous legal disputes over toxic mold, and problems with defective Chinese drywall, people are more knowledgeable and more concerned than ever.

According to Mr Watters, "Homeowners now consult with mold inspectors and other air quality consultants who perform testing and inspections aimed at providing answers in regard to how to solve such problems.

Many people have started to realize that the problem is often related to completely preventable and correctable problems in the home."


Before indoor air quality problems such as mold, volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, sulfides from defective Chinese drywall, and other indoor pollutants can be dealt with, the presence, extent, and cause and origin, of such contaminates must be known.

It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. It takes a combination of detailed inspection methodologies and reliable air testing tools to help resolve IAQ mysteries.”

The industry now has two new, unique, and very powerful tools in the constant battle against sick building syndrome, building related illness, and mold.  


A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. is one of the nation's few providers of two  new and truly revolutionary techniques, enabling them to detect  levels of chemicals produced by building materials and mold to the parts per billion.  One part per billion is 1000 times less concentrated than a substance being detected at the parts per million level!

This service is now offered by the air quality consultants at A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. who can be contacted at  http://www.florida-mold inspection.com


1)      The first is CDScan™ 
A Accredited now offers CDScan™, a new indoor air quality testing method that has been proven to detect the presence of a specific sulfide found in the air of homes with defective Chinese drywall. It is a specific type of analytical methodology utilizing $100,000.00 gas chromatography / mass spectrometry machines.

No longer do you have to cut out a 10 inch square piece of drywall in order to obtain lab confirmation of the presence of defective Chinese drywall.  In addition to the air test, a sample of corrosion is taken from the AC coils and an advanced powerful scanning electron microscope is used along with x-ray technology to determine if the corrosion is typical, or if it’s caused by corrosive sulfur chemicals from defective drywall.


2)      The second is Air Check
In addition to the above test, a similar new gas chromatography mass spectrometry based analysis method of your indoor air quality is designed to test for common harmful indoor pollutants. These pollutants, known as volatile organic compounds or VOC’s, are released by building materials such as but not limited to carpets, pressed wood products including kitchen cabinets and office furniture, paints, glues and solvents, and everyday household chemicals.

The same air sample can be used to detect total levels of MVOC’s or microbial volatile organic chemicals. This rare test for mold related chemicals can aid in detecting hidden mold that produces such chemicals. According to mold inspector Daryl Watters, “It is not uncommon to test the air for mold spores and not find unusual levels of spores in the air if the mold is hidden inside a wall. That is why home air tests administered by homeowners often give false negatives, and that is why a certified mold inspector must be employed to aid in finding and diagnosing mold problems.

Even if a homeowner can verify the presence of mold via testing, they often need an inspector to aid in identifying the location, extent, and cause of the problem.” This test does not rely on the presence of mold spores that may be trapped in a wall. It relies on the presence of mold odor, or mold chemicals mVOC’s in the air.  Few tests exist for the detection of these chemical produced by mold.

This test is extremely sensitive and can detect these mold related compounds as well as building material sourced VOC's from one single sample. This is truly revolutionary.

To learn more about mold odor and your health you can visit: http://www.floridamoldinspectors.us/moldodorsandhealth.htm  



If you suspect harmful defective Chinese drywall, man made chemicals, mold, or mold related chemicals such as mold odor, or MVOC’s, sick building syndrome, or any other kind of indoor air quality problem log on to  http://www.floridamoldinspectors.us  to contact a certified inspector.  








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