In order to diagnose the cause and origin of moisture, condensation, or humidity that caused a mold problem hire a certified mold inspector. And in order to sometimes even locate mold that may be hidden in walls, or to identify the numbers and types of spores that may be floating as microscopic invisible specks in your air, you should obtain the services of a certified mold inspector or, where applicable, a state-licensed mold assessor to take inner wall samples and air samples, and provide a detailed inspection. 

Not only can such an inspector help diagnose the cause and origin, but can make recommendations on how to address such problems by given you a remediation protocol showing how a specialist shoud remove building materials. The inspector can later verify through additional air testing that the mold is gone.

Some inspectors may  enter crawl spaces and attics, check for moldy clothes in closets that often go unnoticed, and even look inside the AC unit and return or supply plenum of your AC system. And an inspector should have a keen eye for colony growth that may go undetected for years in front of untrained eyes; this is especially true for light colored humidity related molds that blend in well on white walls.  

Fungal growth presence is detected by inspectors observing visual evidence of moisture damage, visible mold, mold odors, or finding elevated spore levels in some room air or where evidence of a possible inner wall mold problem exists then inner wall air samples might be taken.  A good inspector can sometimes accurately get a good idea about the cause and location of mold via telephone interview information from the client, and as a result have a head start before even entering the property.    

If you suspect a mold problem, do not rely on a handy man to dig out the mold or spray bleach on it. Do not rely on a mold inspector to sample the air and simply tell you the type of mold you have.  Have a certified mold inspection firm provide the type of consultation services mentioned above, and you will be on the way to ridding your home of this unwanted invader. 

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