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Commercial Mold and IAQ Inspections



Our commercial investigations include testing and inspections for mold, chemicals, and other IAQ issues in everything from single 400 square foot offices to extensive investigations in buildings measuring tens of thousands of square feet.


We have investigated and tested for microbial contamination and indoor pollution sources in office buildings, banks, and even food processing plants, restaurants, materials processing facilities, warehouses, warehouse-sized freezers, and medical facilities.


If you are the office manager, president, or facility manager of a commercial building or office space that has been vacated and is in a state of disrepair with extensive mold and moisture damage, or if you are responsible for an occupied building where workers are complaining of chemical odors, mold, foul odors, musty or moldy odors, sick building syndrome, or building related illness, give us a call. We can help put the pieces of the puzzle together for you.     



A partial list of our past clients includes:
Adidas Shoe Store· Sloan’s Ice Cream·Homeland Security·Silver Eagle Distributors·Costco· Sarasota County Facility Maintenance Employees Airport Offices in Broward County· Air Traffic Control Tower in Dade County· Police Dept Offices in Dade County ·Multiple  Banks from Central Florida to Key West· Many Mold and Real Estate Attorneys' Homes· Many Mold and Real Estate Attorneys' Offices· Many Mold and Real Estate Attorneys' Clients· Multiple Medical Facilities Including Doctors'  Offices And Health Clinics· Multiple Health Food Manufacturers Two  Vitamin Manufacturers,  20,000 square foot office occupied by insurance adjusters in Weston, Broward County, Florida, Major Shutter Manufacturers in Ft Lauderdale, Lake Worth, and Riviera Beach, Fl.        


 We have conducted mold inspections in West Palm Beach and Miami Beach, Ft Lauderdale and beyond, in fact our inspections have carried us From Key West  to the Florida Panhandle and also include two inspections in the Caribbean, including one 80,000 square foot government building in the Caribbean.