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Sample Mold Inspection Reports


Below are links to some sample inspection reports.

The reports represent a wide variety of inspection report types, including morld inspections, indoor air quality testing, allergen investigations, and humidity investigations on everything from condos to mansions.
The reports were prepared by A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. for clients in Palm Beach, Miami - Dade, and Broward Counties, using Mold Inspection Reporter Software also known as (MIR).

If you are an inspector looking for software to aid in completing mold inspection reports the Mold Inspection Reporter website can be found at www.freemoldinspectionreporting.com They can be reached
at 1-888-381-6615.

Or visit floridamoldinspectors.us if you need an inspection to be completed by us in the South Florida area.


1) Report 1 Allergen Investigation

2) Report 2 Defective Chinese Drywall

3) Report 3 Easy Condo Inspection

4) Report 4 Indoor Air Quality Investigation

5) Report 5 Mansion With Humidity and Mold Issues

6) Report 6 Mold Inspection

7) Report 7 Post Remediation Verification PRV or Clearance test

8) Report 8 Very Moldy Condo